Our guide to equipment and suppliers we use and recommend.

Over the space of some 12 years in professional photography we have developed relationships with what we think are some of the best products and suppliers available. We do not sell any equipment or accessories so remember the list below is only our recommendation. However we do think their equipment and services are the best in the marketplace.

  • Color Folio This is our favorite and best print lab. They do a wide variety of Lightjet and Epson prints of the finest quality. Also scanning of film is available.

  • Action Camera in Roseville, California Owned by Dale Zicarelli Action Camera offers the best customer service that we know. Authorized dealers of Nikon and Canon with large selections of equipment. They also offer excellent repair services.

  • Pentax Cameras Our chosen medium format film camera. Still some of the best images are from the 645 N2

  • EPSON Printers Our small prints are done on the new 2400 with K3 inks sets. We have not also converted most of our larger images of up to 40x60" in size with the Epson 9800 printer. Done exclusively by Colorfolio Labs.

  • Outdoor Photographer The best publication for both film and digital photographers.

  • Fujifilm If you still shoot film then Fuji Velvia is still the best.

  • Canon One of the two biggies in the camera market place.

  • Expo Disc A very useful gadget to precisely set the white balance for any lighting conditions. It uses the pre comp or manual white balance option of the cameras setup. It provide the best balance I have seen.

  • Nikon Cameras The other biggie

  • Visible Dust This is the best set of tools for proper cleaning of the digital chips in cameras. It has both electrostatic brushes and a wet method for very dirty chips. A little pricey but works very good.

  • Calypso Photo Lab A good lab that also does scanning and printing using the lightjet and Epson printers. Location now in Santa Cruz C.