Eastern Sierra Workshop

by Bob Evans on October 26, 2011

I just returned from my 2011 Eastern Sierra workshop based in Bishop Ca.  First I want to thank the participants for doing such a great job in shooting all the dynamic locations, and in improving their skills so much throughout the week.  Without exception we had great conditions with lighting and clouds.  I personally think some of my best shots from the Buttermilk’s have come from this workshop.  The descriptions of each image describes the location and shooting data that I hope you will find useful.

Mt Tom

Mt Tom at sunrise

So please take a look at some of my images below and if they are the types of images you would like to capture then join us in the future for one of our workshops.  Many times we have up to 70% repeat participants which testifies on the quality of the events and skill building we teach.  The image at left was shot with the new Pentax 645D, 45-85 mm zoom, 6 sec at f11

Mono LakeThe image above was shot with the 645D 35mm lens, 3 stop ND grad 3 sec at f 13

Great light on Mono.

I also met up with an old friend Jerry Dodrill who is managing the workshops for Galen Rowell’s gallery.  It was good to see him again and wish him well.

Owens River Sunset

Owens River at Sunset

This is the best shot in several years taken at the Owens river at sunset.  Pentax 645D,45-85mm zoom,Gitzo tripod and 3 stop ND grad filter.  4 sec at f 14.

Lone Pine Peak

Lone Pine Peak at the Alabama Hills

Above is an early morning shot of Lone Pine Peak.  Shot with the 645D, 45-85mm lens,2 stop ND grad and Gitzo Tripod.


Bristle Cones of the White Mtn

A nice sunset and great light at the Bristle Cone forest.

The image at left was shot on an evening that didn’t quite have the right light, but the Bristle cones are such great subjects that I took as many images as usual.  Pentax 645D,45-85 lens.


The Buttermilk Road

Great morning at the Buttermilk Road

Below is another great morning along the Buttermilk road.  645D,35mm lens, nd grad and Gitzo tripod.







And as always if you have any questions please let me know.  Email me a info@sceniclight.com

And remember keep shooting!

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