Pentax 645D First Images

by Bob Evans on May 10, 2011

Before the advent of the digital capture camera I had been an avid medium format film photographer.  The saturation and sharpness was excelling and the enlargements were tack sharp and color saturated.  Then along came digital and the photo world changed dramatically.

It has  come to the point where film and chemicals are next to impossible to locate and the newest digital bodies are getting closer to duplicating  film quality.

The Wash

Salt Wash

However there are few exceptions, which are the 30 -60 meg true medium format backs from Hass and Phase 1.  Not being one to hastily drop thousands of dollars of medium format lenses at 10 cents on the dollar I kept all my Pentax equipment for future hopes that Pentax will come out with a medium format camera.

Eureka!  Last Sep-Oct Hoya , the new owners of Pentax finally announced the 645D 40 meg body that has been rumored for 3 or so years.

So I took the plunge,( a big one), and last Wednesday received the body, and with reverence opened the box.  It is far better in rugged quality and functionality than the old 645 even dreamed of.  Buttons and controls are all at finger tips and the menus are straightforward.  Dual SD slots make for ease of backup or extended capacity. It has more features than my Nikon D3, which I thought had everything!  It even has in camera HDR, but the juries out on that function due to the lack of user adjust-ability.  With all that said the proof must still be in the final images.  It has surpassed expectations so far.  The default size with no upresing is an amazing 22×30 ” image at 240 dpi.  Besides that, the depth of quality and superb highlight and shadow details are amazing.

Eagle Falls Lake Tahoe

I know the images I have included will not show the true quality so next time we get together I will show you real results.


I like to hear any comments, and I hope to see you in the future.



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