Let’s Talk Photoshop Actions!

by Bob Evans on January 30, 2011

There are many ways to edit and adjust image files in Photoshop. However
the most time saving and accurate way is to either record or import an
action set. That is to say, an action is a prerecorded set of instructions that
Photoshop will perform upon command. The instructions below are a step by step method for using these actions, to save time and also keep your workflow consistent.

The first option is to run an action
set.  This can either be one of the default sets or one you have recorded.
Shown here is the actions palette in CS5, opened and showing the default
actions that come with Photoshop. To run any action, highlight the
action , and click on the run button.

That’s the easy part!

Now let’s create our own action.   In this window you select record action, and click record button. Once you do then each and every step or click will be recorded until you hit the stop button. You can also set a function key and assign it to any recorded set.  The action can be as simple as to flatten or as complicated as converting an image from color to black and white.  If you make an error simply click on the record again command and record again.  Be creative you can do a lot of useful stuff with recorded actions.

Here is the record and record again commands of the Actions window.

Next is to load as action. Once you click here, a screen will appear, showing you your computer files and devices. Click on any .atn file and it will be loaded into it’s own folder in the actions palette. Then click run as in the first set of instructions. Recording and loading actions will save you much time and effort and also keep you in a non-destructive workflow.

Also this image shows the load action command from the drop down window.  If you have trouble getting these to work, I am available to my former students via email.  So drop me a line and I will be happy to go over these instrucions in more detial.

Thanks again for viewing our blog, and we now have all of our 2011 workshops posted, including a great fall in Bryce and Zion National Parks.

And remember, Keep shooting!


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